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Inaugural Political Epistemology Conference
London, 10-11 May, 2018

Our kickoff event took place in London in May 2018. We had over 200 submissions from which we selected 5 speakers. The keynotes were Elizabeth Anderson, Robert Talisse, and Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij. Photos of the event are in our Gallery


Workshop on Epistemology, Democracy, & Disagreement
Georgetown University, 25-26 October, 2018

We are organizing a workshop for 14 authors contributing to a volume titled Political Epistemology. Participants are: David Estlund, Fabienne Peter, Elizabeth Edenberg, Jason Brennan, Catherine Elgin, Alexander Guerrero, Thomas Christiano, Regina Rini, Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij, Michael Hannon, Michael Lynch, Robert Talisse, Jeroen de Ridder, and Jennifer Lackey.


Post-Truth Politics in the Pub
Being Human Festival, November 2018

As part of the Being Human festival this November, we'll be organizing an event on "Post-Truth Politics in the Pub". After all, isn't the pub where most political debates take place? The plan is to have 4 speakers give short (i.e. 10 min) presentations to the general public, as well as engage them in discussion, in a pub in central London.


Second Annual Political Epistemology Conference
Amsterdam, September 2019

More info soon.