The Political Epistemology Network

The point of this network is to bring together scholars working at the intersection of epistemology and political philosophy. 

Our primary aims are to organize an annual conference and foster a greater sense of community for those working in the broad area of ‘political epistemology’. In addition, the network will be associated with a visiting speaker seminar series in 2018-2019, titled New Directions in Political Epistemology, as well as a podcast series on The Role of Truth in Politics. 

We are also an Affiliate Group of the American Philosophical Association, which allows us to hold sessions at their annual meetings.

Michael Hannon
University of Nottingham

Steering Committee

Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij
Jason Brennan
Jeroen de Ridder
Elizabeth Edenberg

David Estlund
Jeffrey Friedman
Sandy Goldberg
Alexander Guerrero

Michael Hannon
Klemens Kappel
Hélène Landemore
Michael Lynch

Robin McKenna
Fabienne Peter
Regina Rini
Robert Talisse


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